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Efes Antik Kenti


Kaputaş Plajı

AST Tourism is a reputable tourism company established in Istanbul in 1967

The acronym "AST" represents the core principles and values of the company: Authentic, Selective, and Time-honored. In line with these principles, AST Tourism currently specializes in providing unforgettable experiences for incentive and leisure groups as well as FIT guests through incoming tourism.

 We represent the reputation and trust we have gained over time by offering unique and distinguished experiences to our guests.

The tours and services provided by AST Tourism are carefully designed with a unique approach to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of options to our guests across Turkey:

City tours with licensed guides, available in both regular and private formats.

Combined tour packages spanning Turkey's monumental cities, available in regular or private configurations.

Tailor-made tours tailored to specific fields of interest, ensuring a specialized and immersive experience.

Reliable regular and private transfer services for seamless travel logistics.

We prioritize "tailor-made" incentive tours, where we listen carefully to your requirements before crafting a customized program exclusively for your corporate team.

Balonların Fotoğrafını Çeken Turist

 With our professional team, extensive destination network, and high-quality services, we continue, with the same excitement as our first day, to offer travel enthusiasts unforgettable memories and enjoyable holiday experiences.

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